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Warmly congratulate our company on successfully completing the training of enterprise quality inspectors

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Quality inspection is an important part of enterprise quality management. In the face of increasingly complex competitive environment, diversified customer quality requirements and rapid development of quality technology, more and more people are required to recognize that quality is the life of enterprises and one of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Our company must make the quality inspectors fully realize the importance of their work, constantly strengthen the training of their business skills, and improve the applicability of the quality inspectors and the enterprise's quality control ability. On June 2, our company specially invited Shanghai Xinbocai Human Resources Consulting Co., Ltd. to lay a solid foundation for our company.
Through this training, our company will improve the quality awareness of quality inspectors; Through real drills, master simple and practical data analysis methods, and master the ability to effectively predict exceptions, control exceptions, and solve problems!

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