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China's machine tool industry has entered a period of strategic transformation

2018/1/4 点击数:132
"The next 30 years will be a critical period for China's machine tool industry to" grow from big to strong. "During this period, China will form a new industrial pattern with machine tools as the representative, high-end equipment manufacturing as the leading industry, and a variety of advanced manufacturing industries supporting each other."
As the director of the Major Equipment Information Center of the Machinery Industry Information Research Institute, Shi Yong has been concerned about the development of China's machine tool industry for many years. He believes that China's machine tool industry has entered a critical period of strategic transformation.
Strategic transformation period
Shi Yong told reporters that there are six reasons for his formation of this judgment.
It is full of market competition. In addition to policy guidance, an important reason for the rapid growth of the machine tool industry in recent years is that the machine tool industry has basically been allocated resources by the market, which is one of the most fully competitive and active industries in the market. During this period, famous private enterprises, such as Vientiane, Haitian, Sany Heavy Industry (600031, Guba), and Xinrui, entered the machine tool industry on a large scale. According to statistics, the proportion of new private investment in China's machine tool industry has risen from 40% in 2004 to more than 70% in 2010.
The second is due to the development stage. Just as the economic cycle of the decade of the 20th century witnessed the rise of home appliances, textiles, clothing and other industries, the economic cycle of the first decade of the 21st century also set off a boom in steel, cement and other industries. A new round of economic cycle also requires new industries with long-term growth, and the equipment manufacturing industry represented by the machine tool industry is duty bound.
According to the growth theory of strategic industries of Japanese economists, when the power and steel industries have completed the mission of group and second group of strategic industries, the third group of strategic industries will be the equipment manufacturing industry.
The third is the transformation of the development model. In the past, the development of China's machine tool industry was a period of "growing from scratch", which followed the model of whole machine driving the development of parts, and its development law was "from top to bottom"; Now China's machine tool industry has entered the "big to strong" development stage, and its development law is "bottom-up". In a new stage, China is stepping into the road of equal development of complete machines and components, and the real era of innovation has come.
Japan also put forward the priority of host development in the 1950s, but in the 1960s, it rapidly adjusted its development strategy to give priority to the development of basic technology and basic components. Since then, Japan's machine tool industry has developed very rapidly.
The fourth is the change of development path. In the past, the development of China's machine tool industry followed the path of "trade, industry and technology", that is, trade gave priority to development; In the new era, in the case of overcapacity of a large number of products, it is an inevitable trend for "trade, industry and technology" to change to "technology, industry and trade".
The fifth is that innovation becomes the basis of reorganization. The power of machine tool industry merger and reorganization is gradually shifting from the back end of the industrial chain to the front end of the industrial chain. In the face of increasing R&D costs and risks, it has become a major trend for machine tool enterprises in the world to use a common technology at the bottom to support relevant and diversified products at the top, so as to increase their competitiveness.
The sixth is to promote the alternation of new and old development models through innovation. The machine tool industry will bid farewell to the past rapid rise and enter a period of stable adjustment. Slowing down will undoubtedly bring various contradictions to the surface.
In this situation, price competition will gradually turn to value competition. As a result of competition, high-quality industrial resources will be further concentrated in enterprises with strong competitiveness. Promoting industrial transformation and upgrading through enhancing innovation capability will become a way to solve various contradictions and combinations, and will also be the path for the machine tool industry to reach the high-end of the industry.
Tighter technical blockade
Shi Yong believes that since the global financial crisis and economic recession, the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia and other countries, in order to cope with the crisis, revive the economy and seize the first opportunity and commanding heights for future development, are reviewing their development strategies, constantly accelerating the "re industrialization", and cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries supported by new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, low-carbon, biological medicine, new materials, new generation information network, smart grid and other technologies, Reconstruct the industrial system dominated by strategic emerging industries on a global scale. Machine tool industry is not only a component of strategic emerging industries, but also an important foundation for the healthy development of other strategic emerging industries.
In addition, against the background that there is no obvious sign of the recovery of the world's developed economies, China's machinery industry will face more challenges in the global competition pattern, with more frequent frictions, and will further spread from low-end products to high-end products, from product trade links to the institutional environment, from a single "two anti one safeguard" trade remedy investigation to intellectual property rights, technical barriers to trade Industrial competitiveness survey and other means of diffusion. Before the outbreak of the financial crisis, the domestic market share of the American equipment manufacturing industry, which had been declining, rose from 67.4% in 2007 to 69.72% in 2010.
Moreover, with the improvement of the innovation ability of Chinese enterprises, developed governments and enterprises such as the United States, Japan and Germany have improved their awareness of prevention against Chinese enterprises and strengthened their control over the export of advanced technologies and equipment to China.
Due to the long industrial chain of the machine tool industry, one link is "stuck", and the development of the entire industry is restricted. On the other hand, the cost of importing advanced technology and equipment has risen sharply. Compared with the developing Chinese machine tool manufacturing enterprises, multinational companies have obvious competitive advantages. It is mainly reflected in the construction of R&D system and production system by controlling global superior resources and playing a leading role in the global network.
It is noteworthy that, at present, foreign investment has entered the key infrastructure field of China in large quantities, forming a supply chain type closed monopoly on the domestic basic parts market, which not only transmits profits to China through this supply chain, but also has a very significant impact on the entire industry and even the economy.
Based on this, Shi Yong put forward his five suggestions:
1. Focus on supporting the key basic technologies represented by numerical control systems and functional components, and form a new situation in which the innovation and development of complete machines and key basic technologies jointly drive the improvement of the overall capacity of the industry.
2. Focus on supporting enterprises with vertical integration capability that can provide solutions, and support production enterprises to transform into research and service enterprises.
3. Encourage the establishment of intellectual property alliances to improve the overall competitiveness of the domestic industry, and defend against external competition and friction to avoid greater impact on the industry.
4. Encourage overseas mergers and acquisitions with the main purpose of improving technological innovation capability, and support the establishment of a global R&D system and production network by actively using global superior resources.
5. Build multi-dimensional industrial advantages, maintain cost advantages and price advantages, further expand labor division advantages and market advantages, constantly tap goodwill advantages, make rational use of capital advantages, and strive to build standard advantages and core technology advantages.

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