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State run: strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation and comprehensively improve their innovation capabilities

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People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under the State Council, and institutions directly under the State Council:
Since the implementation of the Outline of the Medium and Long term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006-2020), positive progress has been made in the construction of a technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market orientation and the combination of industry, education and research. Policies and measures to stimulate enterprise innovation have been gradually improved. Enterprises' enthusiasm for R&D investment has been constantly improved, their R&D capabilities have been enhanced, and a number of innovative achievements have been made in key industries, It provides strong support for industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. However, at present, the innovation ability of enterprises in China is still weak, and many fields lack core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Enterprises have not really become the main body of innovation decision-making, R&D investment, scientific research organization and application of achievements, and there are still institutional and institutional obstacles restricting enterprise innovation. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Opinions of Central and State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Scientific and Technological System and Accelerating the Construction of the Innovation System (ZF [2012] No. 6).
1、 Guiding ideology and main objectives
(1) Guiding ideology. Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of "Three Represents" and the Scientific Outlook on Development, focusing on promoting the close integration of science and technology with economic and social development, we should give full play to the fundamental role of the market in allocating resources and the role of the government in guiding and supporting, take the in-depth implementation of the technology innovation project as an important starting point, establish and improve the system and mechanism for enterprises to lead industrial technology R&D and innovation, promote the convergence of innovation elements to enterprises, and enhance enterprises' innovation capabilities, Accelerate the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and provide strong support for implementing the innovation driven development strategy and building an innovative type.
(2) Key objectives. By 2015, a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide and combination of production, teaching and research will be basically formed. A large number of innovative enterprises have been cultivated and developed. The R&D investment of enterprises has significantly increased. The average R&D investment of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises has increased to 1.5% of the main business income. The industry has reached the level of international advanced enterprises of the same kind. The number of enterprise invention patent applications and authorizations has doubled. Enterprise led industry university research cooperation has been further developed. A number of strategic alliances for industrial technology innovation and industrial generic technology R&D bases have been built to break through a number of core, key and generic technologies, form a number of technical standards, and transform a number of major scientific and technological achievements. The innovation environment of enterprises has been further optimized. A number of technology innovation service platforms with integrated resources and open sharing have been formed. The public service capacity of science and technology for enterprises has been greatly improved. A large number of dynamic small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises and private research institutions have emerged. By 2020, the system and mechanism of technological R&D and innovation in enterprises' leading industries will be improved, the innovation capacity of enterprises will be greatly improved, a batch of innovative products will be formed, and the transformation of economic development mode will be driven to achieve significant progress.
2、 Key tasks
(1) Further improve the mechanism to guide enterprises to increase investment in technological innovation. In accordance with the requirements of the socialist market economy system, enterprises should constantly deepen their own reform, adapt to the needs of marketization and global competition, and enhance the internal power of innovation driven development; It is necessary to clarify the responsibility of the main person in charge of the enterprise for technology research and development, strengthen the research and development ability and brand building, establish and improve the technology reserve system, and improve the sustainable innovation ability and core competitiveness. Governments at all levels should encourage and guide enterprises to increase investment in R&D, vigorously cultivate innovative enterprises, and give full play to their exemplary role in technological innovation. We will promote post funding subsidies for scientific research projects, encourage and guide enterprises to invest in R&D projects in accordance with their strategies and market needs. Establish a sound business performance assessment system for technological innovation of enterprises, implement and improve the assessment measures for R&D input of state-owned enterprises as profit, and strengthen the classified assessment of R&D input and output of different industries. The special funds for industrial upgrading and development of the central state-owned capital operation budget should increase the support for technological innovation of central enterprises. The solicitation of science and technology plan projects and the compilation of guidelines shall fully listen to the opinions of enterprises. Major science and technology projects with clear industrialization goals shall be organized and implemented by qualified enterprises. Strengthen the guidance and incentive of science and technology awards for enterprise technological innovation.
(2) Support enterprises to establish R&D institutions. We will guide enterprises to establish research and development institutions around market demand and long-term development, improve the mechanism for organizing technology research and development, product innovation, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and significantly increase the proportion of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises to establish research and development institutions. On the basis of clear positioning and standards, guide enterprises to build key laboratories and carry out basic research around industrial strategic needs. Build a number of engineering (technology) research centers and engineering laboratories in industrial enterprises, and support enterprises to carry out engineering research on technological achievements. We will strengthen the identification of enterprise technology centers and technological innovation demonstration enterprises. For key laboratories of enterprises, engineering (technology) research centers, recognized enterprise technology centers, and science and technology private non enterprise units, preferential tax policies for the import of science and technology development supplies or science and education supplies will be given according to relevant regulations. For new research and development organizations such as private research institutions, they will implement the same support policy as similar public research institutions in terms of undertaking scientific and technological tasks, talent introduction, etc.
(3) Support enterprises to promote the industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements. Establish and improve the scientific research operation mechanism and policy guidance for deploying the innovation chain according to the major needs of industrial development, promote the integrated application of new technologies, new materials, new processes, new models, high-end equipment, etc., implement high-tech industrialization demonstration projects, scientific and technological achievements transformation guidance funds, major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, cultural and technological innovation projects, etc., and vigorously cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries. Organize and implement user demonstration projects, adopt policy guidance, encourage social capital investment and other ways to promote the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, and use high-tech to transform and upgrade traditional industries. Relying on the independent innovation demonstration zone, high-tech industry development zone, innovative (pilot) city, high-tech industry base, new industrialization demonstration base, informatization and industrialization integration demonstration zone, agricultural science and technology park, culture and technology integration demonstration base, modern service industry industrialization base, etc., improve the technology transfer and industrialization service system, attract enterprises to set up research and development institutions in the zone, gather high-end talents, Cultivate and develop innovative industrial clusters.
(4) We will vigorously foster technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. Special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and funds for technological transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises should vigorously support technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises. We will expand the size of the technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, continue to implement the venture capital guidance fund for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, the venture capital plan for emerging industries, the innovation capacity building plan for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the informatization promotion project for small and medium-sized enterprises. We will strengthen the policy guidance role of the Torch Plan, the Spark Plan, and the Focus New Product Plan for small and medium-sized enterprises' product and technology innovation, and guide and support small and medium-sized enterprises' innovation and entrepreneurship. We will support technology-based enterprises to carry out technology innovation financing by comprehensively adopting buyer (seller) credit, intellectual property and equity pledge loans, financial leasing, small loans for science and technology, corporate (enterprise) bonds, collective trusts, science and technology insurance, etc. Create a fair market environment for small and micro technology enterprises to promote their healthy development.
(5) Take the enterprise as the leading factor to develop the strategic alliance of industrial technology innovation. Support industry enterprises to sign strategic cooperation agreements with scientific research institutes and universities, establish an industry university research cooperation mechanism of joint development, complementary advantages, achievement sharing and risk sharing, and establish a strategic alliance for industrial technology innovation. Support the Alliance to undertake major industrial technology R&D and innovation projects as required, formulate technical standards, prepare industrial technology roadmap, and build a platform and mechanism for technology R&D, patent sharing, and achievement transformation and promotion of the Alliance. Actively explore the construction of key laboratories relying on eligible member units of the Alliance. We will deepen the pilot alliance, and strengthen the classified guidance, supervision and evaluation of the alliance. Focusing on the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, combined with the implementation of major science and technology projects, we have developed major innovative products through alliances, mastered core key technologies, and built an industrial chain. Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we will carry out common technology research through alliances to solve the problems of major manufacturing equipment, key components, basic raw materials, basic processes, high-end analytical and testing instruments and equipment that restrict industrial upgrading. Focusing on the development of modern service industry, we will strengthen technological innovation, business model innovation and management innovation through alliances, and cultivate new forms of modern service industry.
(6) Build industrial generic technology R&D base relying on the transformed institutions and industries. According to the characteristics and needs of key industries and technology fields, in industries such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing, building materials, textiles, coal, electricity, oil and gas, new and renewable energy, electronic information, biomedicine, chemical industry, light industry, modern agriculture, modern service industry, relying on institutions of transformation, colleges and universities with industry characteristics and industries, through institutional and mechanism innovation, integrate relevant scientific research resources, We will promote the construction of a number of industrial generic technology research and development bases, and strengthen generic technology research and development and the spread of achievements. Regularly evaluate the performance of operation management and technology diffusion services of industrial generic technology R&D bases.
(7) Strengthen the source support of scientific research institutions and colleges and universities for enterprise technological innovation. Scientific research institutes and colleges and universities are encouraged to jointly build R&D institutions, disciplines and specialties with enterprises, implement cooperative projects, and strengthen theoretical, basic and cutting-edge leading technology support for enterprise technological innovation. We will implement programs such as education and training of outstanding engineers, promote the industry university research cooperation education model and the "double tutor" system, encourage colleges and enterprises to jointly develop talent training standards, jointly build the curriculum system and teaching content, jointly implement the training process, and jointly evaluate the training quality. To promote scientific research institutes and universities to transfer scientific and technological achievements to the market, qualified scientific research institutes and universities should establish professional technology transfer institutions and supply and demand platforms for technological achievements. We will improve and implement the distribution policies such as equity, option incentives and incentives, as well as the policies for the disposal of state-owned assets in public institutions and the personnel assessment and evaluation system, and encourage scientific and technological personnel in research institutes and universities to transform scientific and technological achievements.
(8) Improve the technology innovation service platform for enterprises. To meet the needs of technological innovation in the industry, we will promote the integration of scientific and technological resources and complement each other's advantages, promote the formation of a number of technical innovation service platforms in professional fields, and cultivate a number of professional, socialized, and networked demonstration science and technology intermediary services. Guided by the central financial funds, we will drive local financial and social investment, and support the construction of regional public science and technology service platforms focusing on the innovative development of local characteristic competitive industries and strategic emerging industries. Promote the platform to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with R&D design, inspection and detection, technology transfer, large-scale shared software, intellectual property rights, standards, quality brands, talent training and other services, and improve professional service capabilities and networking collaboration level. Explore and guide the establishment of a good mechanism to promote the effective operation of the technology innovation service platform by purchasing public services. We will accelerate the construction of a technology trading market system, a science and technology entrepreneurship incubation network, and a mechanism for accelerating the growth of science and technology enterprises.
(9) Strengthen the construction of innovative talent team of enterprises. In the implementation of major talent projects and policies related to the introduction plan of overseas high-level talents and the promotion plan of innovative talents, we will support enterprises to introduce overseas high-level talents and guide and support returned overseas students to start businesses. We will strengthen the building of a contingent of professional and technical personnel and highly skilled personnel, and cultivate leading scientific and technological talents and innovative teams. Strengthen the training of enterprise scientific research and management. We will improve the mechanism for the flow of scientific and technological talents, and encourage two-way flow and part-time work of innovative talents in scientific research institutions, colleges and enterprises. We will continue to adhere to the effective way in which scientific and technological personnel, such as academician workstations, post doctoral workstations, and science and technology commissioners, serve the enterprise, constantly improve the evaluation system, build a mechanism, and give priority to the promotion of positions and titles and other incentives to scientific and technological personnel who have made outstanding contributions to serving the enterprise. We will extensively carry out mass technological innovation activities such as rationalization proposals, technological innovation and skill competitions for employees, give priority to upgrading the technical skills of employees who have made outstanding contributions, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to participate in technological innovation, and improve the scientific and technological quality of enterprise employees.
(10) We will promote the openness and sharing of scientific and technological resources. We will improve the system for opening and sharing scientific and technological resources, conduct in-depth surveys of scientific and technological resources, and promote the optimal allocation and efficient use of scientific and technological resources. We will establish and improve a reasonable operating mechanism for scientific research institutions, colleges and enterprises to open their scientific and technological resources to the public, such as scientific research facilities, instruments and equipment. Increase efforts to open key laboratories, engineering laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers, large scientific instrument centers, analysis and testing centers, etc. to enterprises, and take resource opening and sharing as an important indicator of their operation performance assessment. We will strengthen the performance evaluation and rewards and subsidies for the open services of the science and technology infrastructure platform, and actively guide them to provide special services to enterprises. Strengthen regional scientific research equipment cooperation, and improve the supporting service capacity for enterprise technological innovation.
(11) Improve the level of technological innovation, openness and cooperation of enterprises. Encourage enterprises to carry out international innovation cooperation through talent introduction, technology introduction, cooperative research and development, entrusted research and development, establishment of joint research and development center, equity participation in mergers and acquisitions, patent cross licensing, etc. Strengthen the collection and analysis of international scientific and technological innovation information, and provide services for enterprises to carry out international scientific and technological cooperation. Enterprises are encouraged to set up R&D institutions overseas and undertake international scientific and technological cooperation projects with scientific research institutes. Support enterprises to participate in various international standards organizations and actively participate in the preparation and revision of international technical standards. Encourage and support enterprises to apply for intellectual property rights abroad. We will increase openness and cooperation in science and technology programs, encourage transnational corporations to set up research and development institutions in China in accordance with the law, cooperate with Chinese enterprises, research institutes and universities in research and development, jointly build research and development platforms, and jointly cultivate talents.
(12) We will improve fiscal, tax, and financial policies that support technological innovation. We will improve and implement the pre tax deduction policy for R&D expenses of enterprises, and strengthen the implementation of the accelerated depreciation policy for R&D equipment of enterprises. We will improve the identification of high-tech enterprises and implement preferential tax policies. Promote the combination of science and technology and finance, increase the support of policy banks for enterprises to transform scientific and technological achievements and import and export key technical equipment, encourage commercial banks to develop loan models, products and services to support enterprises' technological innovation, and increase financing support for enterprises' technological innovation under the principle of controllable risk and within the allowed business scope. Establish and improve the insurance mechanism for the first set of major technical equipment, and support enterprises to research, develop, promote and apply major innovative products. We will increase support for the listing financing of qualified innovative enterprises, refinancing of listed innovative enterprises, and market-oriented M&A and reorganization, and support the investment of scientific and technological achievements and the confirmation of equity. We will effectively strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and punish illegal and criminal acts that infringe intellectual property rights in accordance with the law.
3、 Organization and implementation
(1) Strengthen organization and leadership, and strengthen overall planning and promotion. All localities and departments should effectively enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, focus on implementing the innovation driven development strategy, increase efforts to promote technological innovation, and improve the innovation ability of enterprises. The relevant departments and units of science and technology, development and reform, finance, education, industry and informatization, agriculture, human resources and society, state-owned assets, finance, trade unions and others should establish a joint promotion mechanism for in-depth implementation of technological innovation projects, give play to their respective advantages, strengthen collaborative innovation, and form a working force. All localities shall formulate specific plans to implement the Opinions in light of actual conditions. We should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties and jointly promote the technological innovation of enterprises.
(2) Strengthen monitoring and evaluation to achieve actual results. It is necessary to strengthen classified guidance, establish a monitoring and evaluation mechanism, supervise and inspect the progress of various key tasks and the implementation of various policies and measures, and regularly summarize and release the progress of work. Gradually establish an enterprise technology innovation investigation system. We should strengthen research on policy tasks that are highly exploratory, accumulate experience through pilot projects, and summarize and promote them in a timely manner. We should strengthen publicity and public opinion guidance, vigorously publicize the significance, policies and measures, progress and achievements, and advanced experience of enterprise technology innovation, and create a favorable environment for our work

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